Satisfy MORE With LESS

Simplicity-the uniqueness of the OneVial™ is that each vial is compatible with multiple closures (Child-Resistant, Reversible and Snap Caps). All closures are smooth and provide versatility for your customers and your company.


The patent-pending design on single thickened thread inside the vial provides well-functioned and smooth screwing and snapping experience while does not compromise neat appearance.


Less SKUS, More Choices. Simply managing one versatile type of vials with choices of three types of caps, you can satisfy the every demanding needs of customers without adding extra SKUS. Simplify the process of logistic and inventory management as well as saving the operation cost.

> Retail Pharmacy Packaging
OneVial Retail Pharmacy Vials

Dram Sizes: 6 /8.5 /13 /16 /20 /30 /40 /60

Material: Polypropylene

Color: Amber /Blue /Green

Compatiable Caps: Child Resistant Caps /Reversible Caps / Snap Caps 

Our unique design allows a versatile vial compatible with all types of caps. Meet and exceed the standard of USP <671> Light &Tight Tests.

Red-Flip Reversible Caps

Dual-puropse caps feature push down and turn Child-Resistant functioon and Screw-On function. The red nsert highlights the non child resistant side.

Dram Sizes: 8.5 /1316 /20 /304060

Material: Polypropylene and LDPE

Color: White


Child Resistant Caps

Push Down & Turn type Child-Resistant caps provide reliable prevention from unauthorized opeinging. Certified by CPSC and CSA on Child-Resistant and Senior Friendly function

Dram Sizes: 6 /8.5 /1316 /20 /304060

Material: Polypropylene and LDPE

Color: White


Snap Caps

Snap on style caps are easy to open and close when child resistant caps are not necessary

Rx Plastic Bottles

Strong and durable plastic oval bottles with Child-Resistant Caps

White plastic ointment jars with caps

Ointment Jars

Dram Sizes: 6 /8.5 /1316 /20 /304060

Material:  HDPE and LDPE

Color: White


Ounce Sizes: 2 /3 /4 /6 /8 /12 /16

Material: Polypropylene and PET

Color: Red


Ounce Sizes: 0.5 /1 /2 /4 /8 /16

Material: Polypropylene

Color: White